What is an Irori?
“Tabi means other fire.
Fire effects on relaxation”

“According to a theory, the roots of the word Tabi is that Ta is derived from the word others and bi from fire.”
“If you get warm by the fire of others’ irori (a hearth), the obligation incurred through accepting hospitality.”
“People who use the same fire are to be a community bound together by a common destiny.”
“Fire is sacrifice. It is important to keep the holy fire pure and clean. Fire should be treated as sacred things.
Fire is a medium for the sacred and the profane”.

In this manner, all the feelings related to fire such as primitive fascination or mysterious charm, awe, adoration and original human genes are still alive. When we face up to the fire, we restore our lives to its former glory.

Sasayuri-ann provides special stages where you can experience making a turning point in your life.

Although it is difficult to treat “fire” in hotels or modern architectures in the city area, our irori which is at the thatched-roof style traditional Japanese house at the mountain village in the sky makes it possible. In fact, the thatched-roof style house needs “smoke” which comes out from the irori or Kamado(a cooking stove) in order to prolong the house and control pests.

This human wisdom is the traditional way of life, which started at the pit dwelling thatched-roof style house in Jomon period (B.C.13000-B.C.2500). There is a law of “1/f fluctuation” which is observed only in nature. It is considered that neither regularly nor irregularly fluctuation has special effects to make people’s heart relax.

The flame of fire has potent effect of this “1/f fluctuation”. Having a meal with special someone sitting around the irori and listening to cracking and wavy flame have a magic that attracts people nowadays. It will be irreplaceable experiences to heal yourselves, which becomes precious memories to enrich your life.