Amenities (water system, air conditioning, etc.)

* The villa is a “Kominka” or Japanese traditional style house mixing ancient style with modern comfort. The bath of Sasayur-ann is made of cypress wood and the same of Yamato-ann is made of “Shigaraki-yaki” crock. Three rest rooms, two in Sasayuri-ann and one in Yamato-ann are facilitated with brand-new “TOTO” washlet with motion sensor and wash stand.
* Wi-Fi is available (access point: sasayuri-ann)
* List of air conditioning equipment: 3 large-capacity air conditioners, pellet stove (Enviro Enpress) offering the additional benefits of a beautiful flame, relaxing warmth, and a romantic ambiance), 3 floor heaters (hot water fan convector heater)
* Sanitary articles: shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap, tooth brush set
* Linens: face towel, bath towel, futon sheet, blanket cover, pillow cover, yukata
* Others: laundering machine, detergent, dryer, mosquito repellent, officinal drugs

* Natural medicinal herbs harvested in the Yamato region since antiquity.Japanese Traditional Natural Herbals for SPA Bath includes eight varieties of natural medicinal herbs.