To whom it may be interesting --
limited owner for organic rice farm & farmer experience at the rice terrace

~ Why don’t you experience organic rice farming as staying at Sasayuri-ann of Fukano village ~

Fukano offers extremely beautiful mountain sceneries with rice terraces, where has been selected as one of the best 100 mountain villages of Japan. The rice terraces, being located at an elevation between 400 and 450 meters, facing to the south, receive extreme warm and cool temperatures in a day as well as a lot of sunshine. Besides, spring water from the mountain is another element to grow delicious rice. The rice is organic.

We are pleased to invite you as limited owner of the paddy field division with 10 x 10 meters, or 100 square meters. Strain to be planted is “Koshihikari”.

The limited owner can experience planting and harvesting. Necessary tools should be lent, but his/her own rain coat and rubber boots should be brought. Guidance and assistance in working may be given in accordance with needs.

Usually, planting is carried out in a few days between 15th May and 12th June. About 4 months later between the middle of September and October, harvesting is carried out. These schedules are subject to change depending on weather condition. Animal and insect control as well as watering during the growing season are executed by farm manager.

Harvesting work involves hanging work on the spot for sun drying. About 2 weeks later, the rice is threshed. The yield per division is approximately 35kg before polishing, and approximately 5 percent less after polishing.

Harvested rice should be sent to the owner even if he/she is not able to participate in harvesting work. And the rice may be polished upon request. The limited ownership fee is JPY 50,000 including farming experience and harvested rice.

Please be free to contact Sasayuri-ann for more details.
Harvesting work
Hanging work