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Q: How do I make a reservation?
A: Go to the reservation form in this website, or call at +81-745-88-9402

Q: Can we bring our own foods and beverages into the villa?
A: Yes, you can. The kitchen is fully equipped for self-catering. Besides, there are supermarkts and convenience stores nearby, about 15 min. by car from the villa. CLICK HERE to check the details.

Q: I worry as I have a chronic disease…
A: There are Nabari City Hospital and its first aid station about 15 min. by car from the villa. CLICK HERE to check the details.

Q: I am not good at drving in mountain road actually…
A: You can make your drive in mountain road short by about 10 min. if you choose the Route 165. CLICK HERE to check the details.

Q: We plan to come up from Tokyo by Shinkansen. What is the shortest route then?
A: Switch to Kintetsu Line at Nagoya. It takes about 80 min. by limited express train. CLICK HERE to check more details.

Q: How can we reach there from Kansai Int'l Airport?
A: Take Kansai Airport Limousine bound for Kintetsu Uehommachi (about 50 min. ride). Then take limited express from Kintetsu Uehommachi to get off at Nabari Station (about 52 min. ride). Drive our own car parked at car park front of the station or take taxi to reach the villa (about 15 min. drive or ride).